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school board meetings
Board Meetings scheduled for third (3rd) Thursday of each month.

Mission and Goals

10 months ago

    Learning Today for Living Tomorrow"

Mission Statement

 The Mission of the Deming Public Schools Board of Education is to prepare students for success.

#1 Academic Achievement - 
Deming Public Schools will create positive career and academic opportunities for all students towards meeting life goals.
#2 Financial Stewardship - 
Deming Public Schools will maintain a transparent, sound and responsible financial plan that focuses resources to the classroom and advances student achievement, supports family and community involvement and promotes school safety.

#3 Family and Community Involvement - 
Deming Public Schools will meaningfully engage families and enhance community partnerships to maximize student achievement.

#4 School Environment - 
Deming Public Schools will provide a safe and supportive climate for learning and working that maximizes student achievement.

Contact the Board

11 months ago

Deming public schools

Board of Education

Matt Robinson

School Board President

Term: 2015 - 1019

Luna County District 3

Ron Wolfe

School Board Member

Term: 2013 - 2017

Luna County District 1

Dr. Francine Jacobs

School Board Vice President

Term: 2015 - 2019

Luna County District 5

William "Billy" Ruiz

School Board Member

Term: 2017 - 2021

Luna County District 2

Bayne Anderson

School Board Secretary

Term: 2011 - 2019

Luna County District 4