Support Services Division

Mission Statement:

The Division of Support Services and Community Resources will lead the effort to align the district’s support systems with learning at all levels to include student safety and success by connecting with parents, staff, community, state and federal resources. (Complete SSCR Mission Statement & Goals)

Mary Lou Cameron

Mary Lou Cameron
Associate Superintendent

Division Services:

The Department of Support Services and Community Resources is responsible for leading the effort to align the district’s learning systems at all levels and connecting those efforts with city, county, state and federal resources.  Participating in community activities, networking with the New Mexico Public Education Department, attending legislative meetings, and continuing relationships with federal policy makers ensure that DPS is at the forefront of decisions made impacting its work.

 Safety Special Student Services
Student Nutrition
Quality Schools
 Student Transportation Protocols
Student Transportation Protocols from Port of Entry
  Bullying Prevention   Attendance & Truancy Prevention
  Gifted Resources
  Continuous School Improvement
  H1N1 Information
  Counseling Services
  NM Legislative Information   AdvancED (NCA)
  Parent Information   Response to Intervention (RTI/SAT/504) 

  Wellness Program (SHAC)

Contact the Support Services Office
Phone:  575-546-8841
Location: 400 Cody Rd
Fax:      575-546-8517
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MaryLou Cameron

Associate Superintendent of Support Services & Community Resources


Leticia Montez

Administrative Assistant


Members Located at 501 W. Florida
Phone: 575-546-1000

Benny Jasso

Risk Management Specialist