Federal Programs/Title I

Mission Statement:

The Deming Public Schools Federal Programs Department will support each school in establishing a learning environment in which each student is engaged in attaining his or her personal goals. We will work collaboratively with students, teachers, parents, building principals, district personnel, and community members to help each student reach their potential.

Department Services:

The Deming Public Schools Title I program provides supplemental educational services to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education. We assist all schools in our district by providing world-class educational opportunities to all students through a school-wide Title I program.

Each school has designed its own program, including grade levels and subject areas to be served, instructional models, and staffing plan based upon the unique needs of students at that school. The schools have coordinated their Title I plans with their School Improvement plans. Copies of each school plan are available upon request from the Title I office or the individual school.

Title I Resources

 English SES Registration Form  Spanish SES Registration Form
 2011-2012 SES Provider Information  Questions for Parents to ask SES Providers
 2011-2012 Accountability Reports  

Contact the Federal Programs/Title I Office Phone:  575-546-7129
Location: Fax:      575-543-1010
Person Title Extension Email
Leticia Barraza Federal Programs Secretary 1039 leticia.barraza@demingps.org
Annabelle Carbajal Migrant Program Coordinator/Recruiter 1043 annabelle.carbajal@demingps.org
Olivia Paez McKinney-Vento Coordinator/Social Worker
1040 olivia.paez@demingps.org
Anthony Harden District Everyday Mathematics Coach 1046 anthony.harden@demingps.org
Cynthia Grado Title I Secretary 1070 cynthia.grado@demingps.org