Transportation News for the 23-24 School Year

Transportation News for the 23-24 School Year
Posted on 07/20/2023
  •  Student bussing information will be available a week before the 1st day of school in the Campus Parent & Student Portal! All Parents (PK-12) and students (grades 6-12) have access to view bussing information in their portal.
  • All bus riders who received a ZPASS card last year will continue to use them beginning the first day of school.
  • Bus riders will not receive a paper copy of their bus pass this year. Bus drivers will use a bus roster to ensure scheduled students are riding the correct bus.
  • If your student rides more than one bus and/or a shuttle, only their primary bussing information will be displayed on the Infinite Campus Portal. Contact the Transportation Team for other bussing details.
  • Parents should verify that bussing information is correct in parent portal prior to their child boarding the bus. Bussing information should also be verified with the student’s teacher.
  • Address changes and other demographic information can be updated via the Campus Parent Portal OR at the student's school site at least 24 hours before requesting bus transportation.
  • If you do not have a Campus Parent portal account, please contact your
    child's school as soon as possible.

Bus Registration:

If your child meets the following criteria, you MUST register at the Transportation office for a bus pass:
• New kindergarten students.
• Any new students to the district.
• Current student's that are first time bus riders.
• Students with an IEP that require special needs busing.
(Special needs bus request forms must be submitted by the IEP team. Please allow up to 5 business days for scheduling.)
Students must be enrolled at the school site 24 hours prior to making transportation arrangements.

Please see the attachments for more information.

23-24 SY Transportation News.pdf

Any questions please call transportation at (575) 543-1009 or email at [email protected]