DHS Edgenuity Information

DHS Edgenuity Information
Posted on 10/11/2023

New Procedure on Grading for Edgenuity Courses
In accordance with the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) guidelines, all courses—online or traditional—must receive grades each grading period, and these will be reflected on a student's transcript. To foster accountability in student progress, we've updated our documentation procedures for Edgenuity courses.

Required Completion Rates by Grading Period:
• Grading Period 1: 20% course completion required
• Grading Period 2: 40% course completion required
• Grading Period 3: 60% course completion required
• Grading Period 4: 80% course completion required

Report Card Grades:
• If the required percentage of completion is met, the actual "in-progress" grade from Edgenuity will be reported.
• If the required percentage is NOT met, an “F” will be reported, indicating unsatisfactory progress.

Year-End Transcript Grades:
• Completion of 80% or more: The final Edgenuity grade will be entered.
• Less than 80%: An "F" will be recorded on the transcript, requiring the student to repeat the course.

Important Dates for Edgenuity Courses:
• Grading period 1: September 29
• Grading period 2: December 21
• Grading period 3: March 8
• Grading period 4: April 30 (12th graders), May 30 (9th-11th graders)

Additional Points to Consider:
1. Self-Pacing: Edgenuity remains a self-paced platform, allowing flexibility in learning.
2. Course Recovery: Even if a student earns an "F" in earlier grading periods, they can still pass if 80% or more is completed by the end of the year.
3. Failure Risk: A student may be passing in early grading periods but still fail if less than 80% is completed by the final grading period.

Contact Information:
For any queries related to Edgenuity courses, eligibility for activities/athletics, or graduation requirements, please reach out to your grade-level counselor at (575) 546-2678:
• 12th grade: Joli Shannon, ext. 3142
• 11th grade: Yvonne Perales, ext. 3146
• 10th grade: Edith Sanchez, ext. 3148
• 9th grade: Heather Tharp, ext. 3144

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