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100 Series ---- Board of Education / Governance and Operations

100   Legal Status and Authority     of the Board
101   Organization of the Board
102   Eligibility and method of         Election
105   Powers and Duties of the       Board
106   Board Member Training
110   Policies of the Board of           Education
        110P   Policies of the Board of           Education
115   Methods of Operation:           Board
116   Confidential Information
120   Officers of the Board:             Duties
125   Committees of the Board
126   Local School Board Finance   Subcommitee Duties

127   Local School board Audit       Committee Duties

130   Meetings of the Board /         Open Meetings Resolution

131   Board of Education Self-         Evaluation
133   Recessed Meetings
134   Public Hearings

135   Board Meetings - Attendance
136   Parlimentary Procedure
137   Order of Business for Meetings
138   Minutes of the Meetings
140   Vacancies on the Board
145   Remuneration and Reimbusement       for Board Members

150   Board Members' Relatives Doing         Business with the School District
  Gifts and Gratuities - Board                   Members
155   Nepotism
160   Code of Ethics
170   Access to Legal Counsel
180   Board Protocols on Roles and Lines     of Communication
181   School Board Censure
190   Board - School Superintendent             Relations
191   Delegation of Authority
195   Advisory School Councils

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