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600 Series ---- School and Community Relations

600 Participation of the Public in School Affairs   652 Relations with Community Organizations
601 Public Participation at Board Meetings   660 Rights of Non-Custodial Parents
602 Family Engagement   665 Consultations with Parents and Teachers
605 Parent Involvement / School Collaboration on Preventing Substance Use and Abuse   670 Rental of School Facilities
606 Booster Club  
610 Public Information Program   680 Inspection of Public Records
615 Parent-Teacher-Student Organizations   681 District's Performance - Accountability Survey
620 Reporting to Parents / Guardians   682 Parental Notification
625 Visitors to School Campuses   683 Family and Youth Resources Program
626 Smoking on Campus   684 District Accountability
630 Gifts from Non-Tax Sources   685 Teachers which Are Not "Highly Qualified"
632 Law Enforcement Agencies   686 Community Access to School Facilities
634 Student Travel to Activities, Special Events, Field Trips   687 Discipline and Safety (Persistently Dangerous School)
635 Public Performances and Trips by Students   690 Surrogate Parent
636 Soliciting and Selling on School Property   695 Charter Schools
637 Advertising   698 Advisory School Councils
640 Community Resource Persons  
650 Relations with Home Schools  
651 Relations with Private Schools    

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