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McKinney-Vento Program


Mckinney-vento Program

The McKinney-Vento Program

supports students/families from our District, in an equitable manner, to ensure educational stability by eliminating barriers during registration, provide transportation, access to school meals, as well as access to appropriate educational and extracurricular activities.



In order to qualify for the McKinney-Vento program, one of the following conditions must be met (NMPED Guidance):

  • Children whose families live in homeless, domestic violence or transitional shelters
  • Children whose families are (doubled up) living with  friends or relatives waiting for housing.
  • Children or youth who runaway
  • Children or youth who go from family to family
  • Children or youth who live with no utilities for extended periods of time
  • Children who stay in motels or travel trailers waiting for adequate accommodations

McKinney-Vento Scaffolded Support

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Scaffold "A" Support

Eligible students will be assigned an Equity Mentor or Liaison.


Scaffold "B" Support

Ineligible students will NOT be assigned an Equity Mentor or Liaison but will still receive support.  

Note that if a student is ineligible, our team will reach out to school administrators, social workers, counselors & teachers to provide resources to students/families that they may need.


The McKinney-Vento program supports students/families with the following:


Facilitate registration process regardless of having an address or necessary documentation required to register student into a school.


Transportation and medical representation during doctor appointments or to various resources in the community.

Clothing Bank

Access to the DPS clothing bank (offering clothing/shoes for the entire family).

School Supplies

Provide basic school supplies.


Assist in finding community resources.


Educational support in the classroom.

Professional Development 

Here is a professional development video training from the Department of Equity, if you would like to understand our program better and meet some of our staff.


Healing House

Healing House

Advocacy & shelter for women & men affected by domestic violence.

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

This link leads to general information about the legislation and policy related to the McKinney-Vento Program


New Mexico Department of Health

Promotes health and wellness, improve health outcomes, and assure safety net services for all people in New Mexico.

Contact Us! 575-543-1000

Deming Public Schools McKinney-Vento Program

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