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Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS)

By Accountability Dept

MLSS is a comprehensive instructional framework that aims to provide support to ALL students.  MLSS enables teachers to use their professional judgement and make data-informed decisions swiftly regarding the students in their classrooms.  It is not a supplementary process, program, or initiative, but is instead a research-based framework for effective teaching and learning.  

MLSS is New Mexico's adaptation of the Response to Intervention Framework (RTI).  It supports high-quality instruction and intervention, healthy students, and safe learning environments.  The figure below represents the major components of the MLSS model.

Under the new guidance

Districts must provide support for the following:

  • high-quality curriculum
  • high-quality instruction
  • evidence-based instruction
  • assessment tools
  • data-driven and problem-solving tools

School leaders must support school staff with implementation and accountability systems for:

  • effective collaboration
  • screening and assessment
  • implementing interventions
  • progress monitoring
  • using data-driven decision-making
  • problem-solving

Resources for Teachers!

Intervention Central  is a free resource that provides teachers, schools and districts with free resources to help struggling learners and implement MLSS to attain the Common Core State Standards.

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