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Mission Statement:
DPS School Nurses want to ensure all students have equal access to quality health care, promote a healthier lifestyle through health education and optimal management of health problems, and encourage students to become more responsible and independent in making positive decisions regarding their health.
Department Services:
We are committed to a culture of excellence in the School Nurses’ Office and encourage parental involvement with student health issues.

We feel it is important to keep parents informed with the most up to date health-related information. During the school year, the “New Mexico Department Of Health“ will issue Health Alerts and Recommendations which will be posted on our page (see the tabs below). Parents will also be able to access current health information links which will contribute to the optimal health of children.
Marge Kemp BSN, RN.
DPS District Nurse

Bataan Elementary (575) 544-0900 ext. 2204

Red Mountain Middle School (575) 546-0668 ext.2308

School Health Staff
Darlene Rouse Rothamel, RN
Jodie Bookout, RN
Trish Jankowski, RN
Tony Valdespino, CNA
Cosetta Lewis, CNA
Brenda Byrne, CNA
Mary Jaime, RN
Manuel Ceja, CNA
Beatrice Jackson, CNA
Miranda Martin, CNA
Yvonne Salazar, LPN

Administration of Medications at School
Letters from Public Health Department