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Vehicle Request and Field Trips

DPS Vehicle Request

The person that checks out a vehicle must drive the vehicle (Infofinder name entry must match the vehicle request form) Name of the driver must match in Infofinder and the form.

Know the budget code when requesting the vehicle and get approved by your supervisor. 

A substitute fleet vehicle driver must have their documentation in file to drive students in case the assigned driver is unable to. 

Field Trips: If you put in a request for a vehicle or a field trip that will be paid out of school activity funds, Bilingual funds or SPED funds, your principal and secretary must know that you have approval on bussing or vehicle request. All non NMAA or NFHS trips must be approved by DPS Cabinet before a vehicle or bus is scheduled. 

·         Regular field trips require 10 days prior entry to accommodate an activity driver

·         Out of state field trips require board approval except for El Paso Tx. 

·         Know the budget code when requesting the activity trip

.        Submit a detailed itinerary to Zaira or include the information in the Infofinder request

. All non school employees, chaperones or parents riding a school bus must be cleared through a criminal background check and badged. (NMAC§F1-3)

·         Know how many people are going and check with Zaira at least three days prior if there are any changes prior to your trip 

By Frank Milo

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