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Technology Department

We are committed to providing the district with the best support and tools to prepare students for success.  

The ever-changing world of education can be challenging. Technology has the power to help or hinder the things we need to do to succeed.  

We are dedicated to making sure the things we do help students achieve academic success, help the district be fiscally efficient and care for the technology assets entrusted to us, build trust with families, and create a safe environment in which students and staff alike can thrive.

We are growing champions -- every student, every day.

What We Support

  • Software and computer support 
  • Email
  • Student testing
  • Internet
  • Passwords resets
  • Phones
  • Account setup
  • Student 1:1 laptop warranty support
  • Intercoms
  • Cameras and access control
  • Zoom and Teams
  • Inventory, audits and transfers
  • Printer access
  • Screens and projectors
  • Technology quotes
  • Network security and filtering

And everything else tech-related!

Contact Information

We welcome you to contact us for any technology issues you encounter. School sites are recommended to contact your site's Learning Support Technician for fastest support. You can also contact the central Technology department -- we'll get you the support you need.

Technology Department -- 575-543-1099 -- ext. 1099

District Help Desk -- [email protected] -- ext. 1099
Technology Quotes -- [email protected] -- ext. 1099
High School Help Desk -- [email protected] -- ext. 3099

Our Team

Technology Center    Learning Support Technicians
 Director of Technology  Ben Glickler    Bataan Elementary  Aldo Lopez
 Administrative Assistant   Alonni Harrell    Bell Elementary  Marisol Perez
 Warehouse Technician II  Jesse Stockman    Chaparral Elementary  Anisa Zamora

   Columbus Elementary  Maria Duran
 Network Administrator  Marc Arenibas     Memorial Elementary  James Stockam
 Network Software Specialist  Lonnie Washington    Ruben S. Torres Elementary  Abel Trejo
 Network Security Specialist   Arthur Quiroz    Deming Intermediate School  Andrea Sanchez
 Network Security Specialist   Juan Enriquez    Red Mountain Middle School  Haydee Crabb
         Sandra Uzutea 
 Lead Hardware Technician  David Stoehner    Deming High School and MVHS  Tania Enriquez
 Hardware Technician II  Barbara Dominguez      Anjel Gonzales
 Hardware Technician II  Zach Jasso       Jo Lynn Guerrero
 Hardware Technician II  Shelby Hatch    Early College High School   Michael Cardenas
 Hardware Technician II  Haydee Crabb       
 Hardware Technician I  Ernie Newell